Capital Projects

The Engineering Department has been implementing projects from the 2008-2012 Capital Improvement Program, in the area of public infrastructure (roads, utilities and drainage). The ever-increasing challenges of a thriving and growing community have necessitated improvements in all categories.
  1. ROADS
  2. Utilities
  3. Facilities
  4. Future
  5. Maps
Right Hand Turn Lane

2015 Intersection Improvements

(Right Turn Lanes) 
Project Manager: Kevin Bates

  • Eastbound McDermott at US 75
  • Westbound McDermott at US 75
  • Northbound Greenville at Exchange

Alma Drive Improvements

(Hedgcoxe to SH 121) 
Project Manager: Kevin Bates
Ridgeview Phase 2 Ridgeview Drive, Phase 2
(Watters to Chelsea)
Project Manager: Kevin Bates
  • Includes 6-lane bridge across Cottonwood Creek
  • Completion anticipated August 2018 
Stacy Road

Stacy Road

(Greenville Ave to FM 1378)
Project Contact: Joseph Cotton
  • TxDOT project
  • Anticipated completion Spring 2018